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Oxford Visual Informatics Lab

OVii is a collection of visualization researchers doing research on all sorts of interesting things! Find out about all our great projects here!


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A piece of software for visualization of Poems, designed as part of the JISC Digging in to Data (II) project.


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Reference utility for visualization.


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Create visualizations that allow you to compare the complexities of your algorithms.

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Experiment with our fanastic glyph for computer-aided semen analysis.


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A multi-task comparative study on scatter plots and parallel coordinates plots.


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A tool for exploring and identifying shared passages between two sample texts, designed as part of the JISC Digging in to Data (III) project.

Teaching and Tutorials

Visual Analytics Course

Oxford University, Dept. of Computer Science, 2016

A series of lectures to get you started with D3, using live examples. We take you from the beginnings in lecture 1 where we introduce HTML, CSS, JavaScript and drawing with D3, then get more advanced in lecture 2 where we show how to load data, add mouse interaction, zoom, brush and animate with D3.

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